Only professional photographers can pass this trivia.

Amateurs fail.

With professional vs amateur photographers trivia 1, you can find out which one you are. Only professionals pass, take the test right now.

Time limit.

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Trivia about photographic cameras

Trivia 1 of professional vs amateur photographers.

How much do you know about photographic cameras?

Only professional photographers can answer all the questions correctly, amateurs can't. Are you one of them?

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What is image stabilization?

2 / 15

What is ISO?

3 / 15

What is an ND filter?

4 / 15

What is a telephoto lens?

5 / 15

What is a fisheye lens?

6 / 15

What is the white balance adjustment for?

7 / 15

What is shutter speed?

8 / 15

What is a wide-angle lens?

9 / 15

What is a UV filter?

10 / 15

What is RAW?

11 / 15

What is a macro lens?

12 / 15

What is a fixed focal length lens?

13 / 15

What is the aperture on a camera?

14 / 15

What are megapixels?

15 / 15

What is digital zoom?

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Trivia 1 of professional vs amateur photographers.


Trivia 1 of professional vs amateur photographers.
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