Delivery methods

Selection of photographers based on the delivery methods.

Physical photo albums, USB storage and more.

You can choose wedding photographers in relation to the delivery methods they have about the wedding photographs and videos. If you need a specific delivery medium such as digital cloud albums, then you can find it here.

Delivery methods at

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Means of delivery of wedding photographers.

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Means of delivery through USB storage.

USB storage.

The most practical way to receive wedding photos and videos.

Means of delivery through DVD or Blu-ray.

DVD or Blu-ray.

Classic delivery medium to receive wedding videos and photos in high definition.

Means of delivery through physical photo albums.

Physical photo albums.

The most familiar way to preserve and display photos with the most important people.

Means of delivery through digital albums in the Cloud.

Digital albums in the Cloud.

Receive the photos and videos of your wedding through the Internet, it is the most comfortable way.

Means of delivery through the Albums in © Amada Madonna Fairy.

Albums in © Amada Madonna Fairy.

Amazing exclusive benefits for subscribers, receive wedding photos and videos in the most magical way possible.